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About Explosive Martial Arts

Explosive Martial Arts specializes in private,  semi-private, and small class instruction in self-defense through martial arts. At Explosive, I believe martial arts should be tailored to the individual. A unique style is created for each student that best suits their strengths and skills. My non-traditional, modern approach  maximizes effective self-defence in today's environments. I aim to instill confidence in my students by teaching  real-world self-defense techniques, as well as the principles that make them work, and boosting physical fitness levels through a diverse program that includes  calisthenics, heavy bag work-outs, and focus-pads in a friendly environment. Get in touch today to  see how you can benefit from training at EXMA.

  • Group classes are capped at 8 members, so you'll receive lots of personalized instruction while you work alongside your training partners. We offer daytime Adult Classes, and evening classes Adults, Teens, and Kids. See the schedule below for exact times. 
  • Private Lessons are offered throughout the week, Mon-Sat, with morning, afternoon and evening appointments available. You'll receive personalized training 1 on 1 with instructor Rob once or twice per week and a home workout routine will be individually prepared for you to follow at home between sessions. Private Lessons can also be scheduled on an occasional basis. 
  • Semi-Private Lessons are a great opportunity to work-out alongside your friends or family and split the fee. No additional costs to the hourly rate for shared lessons.

About The Instructor

Rob  Landry has been training in the martial arts for three decades,  studying different styles from Karate, Wing Chun and Tae Kwon Do to  Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu and has worked with some of the top instructors in  the world Known for his speed, strength and  deft kicking skills, Rob has won dozens of medals and trophies at  sparring, boxing and kickboxing competitions.

Rob  is constantly in search of discovering and innovating more effective  means of self-defence, studying techniques from all martial arts styles  and extracting the concepts that best suit his own skills and those of  his students.  Rob never stops learning and innovating, always pushing  himself to further limits and plateaus. He believes that every  individual should have their own style, tailored to their body type and  physical abilities. He enjoys working with students of all experience  levels and fitness levels and helping them to adapt the foundations of martial arts to create their own style. He also specializes in increasing range of motion and flexibility for overall healthy and longevity and teaches seminars at corporate events, retirement homes, and community and cultural centres. Rob is a certified kickboxing instructor, karate black belt, trained in First Aid and CPR, and has trained beginner and advanced students alike. 


Additional family members/friends can join a private lesson at no additional cost.

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